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Finding Out I'm Gifted

By Lacey Vasquez on May 30, 2023

Guest Blogger Lacey Vasquez, a compassionate multipotentialite and freelance writer, holds a Psychology degree from Arizona State University. With a passion for aiding others, she focuses on psychology and self-help through her writing expertise. Drawing from personal tragedy, Lacey specializes in supporting bereaved children, making her a valuable asset to her community.

Finding Out I'm Gifted

I had always heard in the past about gifted individuals. I never would have thought I was one of them. The more I learn about giftedness, the more I see how I tend to find I align with many qualities.

I was 31 years old when I found out I was gifted. This is a newfound awareness for me. I have a very close friend that told me I was gifted. I remember thinking: Who? Me? No way! In the past, when I thought of “gifted” I thought of people who had high IQs or were easily smart without applying themselves. At the time of the conversation, I didn’t think that was me.

Now I am realizing that I do fall into the category of learning in 2 repetitions. I never really thought that made me special until I started thinking back on all the times I’ve trained people at work. The number of times I would have to show them the same thing for them to understand the task versus 1 or 2 for myself.

It finally clicked.

I don’t know if I am 2e because although I have dyslexia and possibly other neurological differences, I’m not sure it is enough to qualify as 2e. It is not enough to be a difficulty or disorder. I am dyslexic but not enough that I cannot type or write. It pops up here and there but not all the time.

I am still very early in my learning about 2e and gifted individuals. I am sure I will continue to learn in other ways that I fit into the gifted community.

Very excited to be part of this awesome group of extremely cool people. I look forward to writing more blog posts and continuing to learn about giftedness and twice exceptionalism.

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When is your next blog post coming, Lacey!? 😉❤️

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