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Therapeutic Coaching

One-on-one, relational coaching for twice-exceptional, gifted, and neurodivergent adults, children, and families.

All therapeutic coaching is neurodiversity-affirmative, supportive of marginalized populations, and offered by Bright Insight-vetted coaches and trained psychotherapists.

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Virtual Groups

Join a virtual multi-week meetup for exceptional adults. Contact us to join the waiting list for the next groups. 

Groups are geared towards psychoeducation, lived experience, mental health, philosophy, dialectic skills training, mindfulness, identity development, an introduction to giftedness, and more!

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Professional Consultation

Expertise for those seeking to improve professional and personal areas of their lives as gifted adults.

Consultation may focus on career development, education, mental health management, therapeutic skills, identity development, giftedness, neurodivergence, and more.

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Bright Insight Table Talks

BITTs are monthly, virtual meetings that explore topics impacting gifted, ND, and 2e persons.

BITT schedules and links are posted on our Events page and on the Bright Insight Support Network Facebook page.

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Free Referrals

Free access to a network of gifted-informed coaches, therapists, and psychologists around the world.

Contact us and tell us more about what you're looking for or schedule a free consultation with Dr. Patty to discuss this need. 

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Gifted Curious

Youssef's coaching, Gifted Curious, offers a first step into giftedness and twice-exceptional topics.

​Services are geared toward the newly identified, those rediscovering, and anyone who is gifted curious. Contact Youssef today for more information!

Additional Services Available

Contact us for current pricing or inquiries about the services you would like offered.

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