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Community Resources

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Do you have a resource we should add to our list?


There's always more to learn, especially when it comes to giftedness, twice-exceptionality, and neurodivergence.


Whether you want to help a loved one or need support for yourself, Bright Insight Support Network can connect you to resources, communities, and professionals specially equipped to help outliers of outliers. 


Bloomers: Gifted and 2e Adults on Facebook


A thriving, safe community in a private, Bright Insight-supported Facebook group. Bloomers offers a safe and social support community for adults and interested stakeholders to discuss neurodivergence, giftedness, and twice-exceptionality. 

InterGifted: Gifted Peer Community

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Based in Switzerland, with coaches and members throughout the world, InterGifted is building international gifted community, while offering online assessment, personal development, education, coaching, and professional training opportunities.

Our Wild Minds: Gifted BIPOC Community

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A pioneering online community for Black gifted people to befriend each other and operationalize their natural gifts. Our Wild Minds helps provide support and inspiration for intense thinkers.

Twice Exceptional 2E Network International


A Facebook community of parents and professionals who are working to increase the recognition and support for twice exceptional individuals who are bright and also have challenges that affect their ability to learn, socialize, and/or be successful in life.


I Must Be BUG'N Podcast


Do you constantly feel like you're the only one who notices "the emperor has no clothes"? You might be BUGN (Black Underrepresented/Unidentified Gifted and otherwise Neurodivergent).

Hosted by Sheldon Gay, this is a podcast primarily for Black gifted and otherwise neurodivergent people to learn about and discuss our unique experiences. 

Positive Disintegration Podcast

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An exploration of positive disintegration through conversation and shared stories. Hosted by Dr. Chris Wells and Emma Nicholson, it’s a framework for understanding a variety of intense experiences that often look and feel like mental illness and may be building blocks for creating an authentic personality.

The Gifted Neurodivergent Podcast


Hosted by Irene Gottlieb, the Gifted Neurodivergent Podcast is about cultivating outside genius and living well with neurodivergence. 

Our Gifted Kids Podcast

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Hosted by Sophia Elliott, parent of three gifted children, this podcast helps parents of gifted kids by getting real about parenting these awesome quirky little people.

Giftedness and Neurodivergence Experts

Your Rainforest Mind: Books, Blog, and More

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Licensed psychotherapist and consultant Paula Prober's book Your Rainforest Mind offers a guide to well-being and support for the “excessively curious, creative, smart & sensitive." Browse her books, blog and more.

With Understanding Comes Calm


Author, coach, and consultant Julie Skolnick offers support for twice-exceptional individuals: “Bringing out the best in 2e kids & adults".

Support Organizations

Resources for Gifted and Twice-Exceptional
Individual Development

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Do you have a resource we should add to our list?


Looking for a resource or support and can't find what you need? No problem! CONTACT US today and we will do what we can to connect you to the service or community you need! 

Dabrowski Center

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A non-profit organization dedicated to making the world a better place by removing the stigma of mental illness and promoting an alternative approach to personality development

The G Word Movie

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Defying popular myths that assume most gifted people are wealthy, white, and will do fine on their own, THE G WORD reveals the economic, cultural, and gender diversity of our nation’s gifted population.

Gifted Unlimited

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A publisher of quality, research-based information pertinent to the gifted population and to those who support them

Tragic Gift

Tragic Gift logo square_edited.jpg

A website created by a person with overexcitabilities (OE), for people with overexcitabilities. Pages include summaries of Dabrowski’s Theory of Positive Disintegration (TPD), personal stories, hacks, various musings, and resources.

Resources for Parents, Students, and Educators

Associations That Support Gifted and Neurodivergent Children & Adults

Gifted, 2e, and Neurodiversity-Affirming Professionals

Visit their websites and contact information by clicking their bloom. 

Neurodivergent affirming coaching for the creative, the highly sensitive, the gifted and the neurodivergent 

A non-traditional coach, consultant, educator and guide who works with gifted and/or neurodivergent adults.

Therapist for gifted, ADHD and autistic adults, children, and families in Illinois

Giftedness expert offering professional coaching and neurodivergent-affirming support for highly sensitive and neurodivergent folks

Neurodiversity-affirming telehealth therapy specializing in support for neurodivergent and autistic adults and teens in California

Individual anorganizational counseling and coaching, specializing in men's mental health issues.


A neurodivergent licensed clinical social worker, therapist and author of the ADHD & Autism Un-masking Workbook

Experienced EMDR therapist and gifted/ trauma expert working internationally as a therapeutic coach to support ND folkx.

Mexican federally licensed Gestalt psychotherapist working with gifted and 2E adults with workshops, consultation and more

Equine-assisted therapy, EMDR and certified synergetic play therapist in Colorado helping gifted adults, teens and family members

Clinical psychologist, parenting consultant, workshop leader, and author with PSYPACT authorization in 30+ states

A holistic coach for autistic, ADHD, gifted and twice-exceptional adults

Neurodivergent affirming therapist in California and Nevada using a strengths-based foundation

Self-attunement & somatic coach who also offers gifted mentoring 

Affirmative, EMDR

certified therapy for LGBTQIA+ and neurodivergent individuals, couples, children, and families

Clinical social worker (child/family therapist) in Asheville, NC working with school-aged ND kids and their caregivers

Counselor, coach, & improv comedy instructor specializing in work with gifted  adults and adolescents

Executive leadership coach, neurodiversity specialist and ICF-credentialed coach  with a doctorate in human development

Counselor in British Columbia supporting gifted adults and adolescents with transitions, identity and giftedness

Neurodiversity-affirming therapist in California for adults and couples who are gifted, 2e, autistic, an ADHDer, and/or highly sensitive 

Award-winning researcher on gifted/2e identification, parent, consultant and coach for parents gifted & twice-exceptional kids

Therapist and coach in Iowa offering ADHD coaching and education for individuals, parents and groups

An experienced coach who writes about archetypes and video games for representation in the community

Psychologist, motivational keynote speaker, and gifted/2e consultant offering online coaching and psychotherapy. 

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