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Another Crazy Dream with Interpretation

By Reuven Kotleras on April 9, 2024

Reuven Kotleras is a profoundly gifted ex-child and polymath. He has published professionally on European political history, Eurasian economic development, epistemology of science, and mathematical logic, among other topics. His skills include decision analysis, organizational design, and strategic foresight. He also is a poet, pianist, runner, and dog-lover.

Another Crazy Dream with Interpretation

Readers of this blog will know that I occasionally report nighttime dreams here, with interpretations that may be more or less elaborate. So here is another. Of course, everything is related to the experience of giftedness.

The upshot of this dream—its antepenultimate scene—was that I was leaving a nightclub and had the choice of two cars. In the rear car were a man and a woman whom I seemed to know, who wore slightly exaggerated clown-car looks that encouraged me to join them.

In the front car were an indistinct group of people whom I didn't really seem to know and at whom I never got a good look. A back door of the front car opened, and I got in the back seat. Upon that, after I entered, the sedan turned into a short stretch-limousine with all the seats populated and the people seeming to talk animatedly to one another, although I did not participate in the conversation.

This car then took off quite silently and powerfully into the city street grid, never having to stop, taking corners smoothly and quickly. I was paying no attention to whether anyone in car was still speaking or not. My attention was concentrated on the swift and secure voyage, even if I did not know the route or destination.

After circumventing a square with a monument designed and placed in the middle of the roadway, the car entered an underground passageway before resurfacing inside a building, still driving down an interior hallway swiftly and securely, before braking and stopping noiselessly and efficiently next to several empty tables at the entrance to a posh restaurant.

I half-opened the car door from the inside, whereupon the attendant–maître d'hôtel took the exterior handle and opened the door fully for me to exit the car, then asking neutrally as I stood there, "Was all that really necessary?"

I looked at him and replied, "Ask them. I don't really know all those people. I just needed the lift." Whereupon I strode off into the building with a sense of where I was going, although consciously in the dream I did not have a conception whither that might be.

And now the key to the dream: The couple in the pseudo-clowncar represented the parents in my family of origin. The people in the sedan that became a stretch limo represented all my previous personae, whom I no longer need.

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"I don't really know all those people. I just needed the lift." Brilliant! 😁

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